Orgonite EMF Blockers
Orgonite EMF Blockers

Orgonite EMF Blockers

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These Orgonite Blockers may help block all EMF coming from all electronics with out any interference with the device. They are made with Shungite, Quartz and 99.9% Copper. 

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Shungite has electricity conducting properties. These shungite properties are also known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronic devices. Common electronic items such as laptops, cell phones, computers and tablets all put out EMFs. Placing Shungite & Copper at the base of a computer, microwave or around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with their operations, but will block out their free radial output.

Mobile Phone Buttons are my smallest but very effective devices to help protect from the harmful radiation involved with using the mobile phone which some people feel as heat, pain, discomfort in their bodies. They include Shungite and 99.9% Copper to help protect against the 5G frequencies. They can be used on cordless phones, tablets and laptops.

Ready to stick onto the back of your phone or phone case so that it is between the phone and the receiving signal.

My phone buttons will cover 1.2 meters radius spherically at full strength and 3.5 meters over all.

They transmute 450.000 Bovis of life force from harmful to beneficial energy dowsed via pendulum.

Cleared and blessed before shipping.

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