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As you have read in our bio just how awesome Orgonite works. Orgonite may absorb radiation and converts it back out to Positive Energy, you may experience better sleep, extreme plant growth, grounding, centering, sense of well being, harmony and happiness. Make sure you and your loved ones are protected.

My Orgone generators will vary in price depending on the amount of elements such as coils, tensor rings and other pre made ingredients that flow into my creations.

Orgonite is a GAME CHANGER! Are you ready to THRIVE instead of SURVIVE in the ubiquitous radiation pollution we are living in today? It is damaging on a cellular level and can be the cause of brain fog, insomnia, fatigue,irritability, infertility and bloody noses.

Cant find what you are looking for? Contact me to see if I can help create an Orgone product just right for you.

Guided Personalized Pieces ~                                        

I call this the 4 way communication as your guides talk to my guides, who tell me what is needed and then I pass the info on back to you.

I will need your full name and an email address that I can send the info to, plus a mobile or phone number to contact you with.

You can specify a size or shape and tell me if you wish to have me focus on certain things that are going on in your life.

I do not know what I will get until I tune in, Once confirmed I can then go ahead and create the piece and contact you when it is ready to be shipped or delivered.

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