Orgonite Wand
Orgonite Wand

Orgonite Wand

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This powerful Healing Wand can aid you in any type of healing of the body.

This powerful wand has a message scrolled inside wrapped in 99.9% Copper and amplifies the message out into the Universe, it reads as follows ~ " Heal the healer and heal everyone this wand comes in contact with and give this Soul, longevity, peace, love and prosperity while they are here on this journey." 

This powerful wand contains ~ Terminated Citrine Point, 18K, 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and 99.9% Copper Coil.

Citrine Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy. Natural Citrine's radiant yellow and gold energy activates, opens, and energizes the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras, directing personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness to enhance the physical body. Its foremost energy is to aid in manifestation.

infused with 432hz + 528hz frequencies & the pure intention of peace, love & healing!