Opalite Giza Orgonite Pyramid

Opalite Giza Orgonite Pyramid

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This beautiful Opalite Giza Orgonite Pyramid contains, 1 double terminated Lemurian Quartz wrapped 99.9% Copper, 14K Gold, tons of Opalite, 99.9% Copper shavings, Red Dirt from the vortexes in Sedona Arizona and cured at 528hz.

Healing with Opalite

♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Spirituality ♥ Transition

Opalite is subtle yet highly energetic.  It is ideal for meditation.  Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual.  It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.  Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds.  It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalizing our hidden feelings.  It can also help us to be successful in business.

Opalite is for all-round healing.  It aids sexual prowess, enhancing sexual experience.  Opalite stabilizes mood swings and helps in overcoming fatigue.  It purifies the blood and kidneys.