Obsidian & Tourmaline Nubian Orgonite Pyramid
Obsidian & Tourmaline Nubian Orgonite Pyramid

Obsidian & Tourmaline Nubian Orgonite Pyramid

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This high vibrational Tourmaline and Obsidian Nubian Orgonite Pyramid contains - Double terminated Lemurian Quartz wrapped in 99.9% Copper along with, tons of 99.9% Copper shavings, tons of Black Tourmaline, tons of Obsidian, 99.9% Copper BBs, Neodymium Magnet topped of with Iron, Pink Himalayan Salt and Red Dirt from the vortexes in Sedona Arizona.

Lemurian Seed Quartz is a rare and powerful healing crystal that is said to have many benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. It is thought to help with spiritual growth, connect you to your higher self, and promote deep meditation and relaxation has the potential to reduce stress and anxiety, promote physical healing benefits and provide spiritual healing attributes.

Obsidian can be harnessed for protection, grounding, tranquility and personal growth through cleansing & charging rituals or incorporating it into personal space.

Tourmaline is a healing stone for grounding, protection, and balance. These properties interweave together to keep you present while protecting you from any negativity swirling around you. For physical healing, tourmaline quartz can help with digestive issues like heartburn or the stomach flu.

 Cured at 432hz/528hz along with Sedona Flute music.

All of my creations are cleansed and blessed before shipping.