Acacia Wood Zen Crystal Tray

Acacia Wood Zen Crystal Tray

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This gorgeous piece is created in Acacia Wood with Acrylics, Optical Calcite Crystals and resin.

This beauty is 15" wide and is created out of BPA Free and food safe resin along with being water proof. Such a great gift for any occasion.

With regard to the positive symbolisms attached to the acacia blossoms, these are chaste love as well as concealed love. It also represents beauty in retirement. In the past, it was a symbol for freemasonry specifically with how the soul endures and how pure it is.

By clearing away stagnant energy blockages, Optical Calcite can bring higher energies into the chakras, encouraging spiritual development. Physically, Optical Calcite can be used to relieve migraines; helps with eye problems. Used with other crystals, Optical Calcite will often double the healing effects.