Amethyst Stalactite Statement Necklace

Amethyst Stalactite Statement Necklace

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This powerful  Amethyst Stalactite with Labradorite in Sterling Silver on a AAA Labradorite Chain.

Amethyst Stalactite is a gemstone for creativity, happiness, love, calm, healing, and brings energies of peace. If you desire clarity, psychic visions, or restful sleep, and vivid dreams, one of these amethyst stalactite flowers is the offering for you.

Labradorite has many healing properties. It is a deeply wise and intuitive stone that helps you to get back in touch with your own wisdom. It clears blockages in the throat chakra and the third eye chakra so you can stand in your truth. Labradorite also helps you to overcome fears and find your courage.

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